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I consider myself a pretty tolerant person. I don't judge others for their beliefs, religions, preferences or opinions, I'm usually very patient.

But there are some things that are just too much. Too. Fucking. Much!

There is a problem in my college about this (and is serious), but I'll get to it in the end of this journal...

Now... Can someone please, please tell me why some people write RAPE AS IF IT WAS NOTHING AT ALL???

No, I'm not kidding! Can someone explain to me? I've seen a lot of fanfics where the guy goes, rape this girl/other guy and... They fall in love.

I wish I was kidding.

A person is raped and fall in love with the rapist. If that was a tragedy, showing a person being broken and lost forever, I could kinda understand, but no! No, no, it is meant to be taken serious. True love. Enchanted Princess and Prince Charming meet. Happily ever the fucking after love!



Jesus and everything that is sacred!!! And some of the writers of those ""things"" are GIRLS! Girls write about their character being raped and falling in love with their rapist! Who, most of the time, rapes them when he is already obsessed/"in love" with them!!! And the authors act as if there is nothing wrong with it.

When said rapist is a "bad character", be OC or cannon (usually, but not always, from movies, anime, creepypasta, etc) I have the theory that those people go "Well, I can't make him all lovey dovey" (which I agree 100%) and they think that the only way to show how "evil" said guy is, even if he is already ""in love"" is making him rape the girl/guy senseless.

Do the victims ever deal with it? Nope. The girl/guy sometimes take two chapters mourning and then they are back up as if nothing ever happened. Sometimes right in the next chapter, they're okay and never mention it again or then treat as if it was nothing at all.


DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT RAPE IS? Do you have ANY idea of the trauma it can cause? And even so, who would develop feelings for someone who hurt you that way? Hey, if it's a "villain", I agree, I doubt they would be all mushy and stuff (unless the cannon showed him have potential to become like that or something), keeping them in character is important but... There is a little thing called LIMIT.

I'm a sucker for antagonist/protagonist. You all know this. But this? Again, limit! Would you fall for your rapist? For a guy who carved his name in your flesh with a knife (not kidding, I read it happen several times)? Fuck, I would want a guy out of my life if he ever hit me, let alone do that!

"Oh, An, it's just a story, it's for fun, can't you relax and not take seriously? You're being over dramatic!" Maybe I am, but nope. As I said, there are things I can stand and this is one of them. There is a line that you just DON'T. CROSS! For me, in a story, when that happens, I give up on it. There is no way in all the circles of hell I can see love happening between two people after this... And I don't care how evil the guy is, on the risk of sounding over sentimental, one of the things about love is that you don't hurt the person you love. It is part of the emotion, it's the nature of it. If not, it's just lust, obsession, whatever.

And, as a writer, there are a thousand of other ways you can show the most cruel of characters falling in love in a more believable way! I've read stories about characters I couldn't see falling in love not even in a million of years, no way, but the story was so well done that I found myself enjoying it! I remember I read this fic about Laughing Jack (sadly, I couldn't find the link to put here) and you know what? It was really GOOD! No "rabid stupid fangirl" way: The guy was kept in character and he even hurt the girl (before he fell or her), but he NEVER even touched her in that way! And after it happened, he stopped hurting her altogether. And the girl took AGES to even start to feel something about him that wasn't hate and distrust!

(And just to clarify: That's not saying I think it's okay for a guy to hurt a girl if he falls for her later, I don't think it's right to hurt ANYONE, but you GET my point!!!).

And then there are all those stories of girls being raped and not a single thing about trauma. They do act hurt, but it's more like they stumbled upon a rock and hurt their foot than being raped!!! JUST WHAT?

I can't stand this. I really can't!!! How can someone even THINK about WRITING a thing like this? I think that is offensive to people who were actually raped, if you ask me!

And as I said, there is also a deal in my college that is related to rape: A guy wrote a blog entry teaching how to rape girls in the campus.

You read that right.

A guy wrote a blog entry teaching how to rape girls in USP (São Paulo's University). The empty places, how to act, all that. And there is a guy in Medical school that raped four girls and just got suspended. Nothing else. And now, he's coming back to campus, about to get graduated while the girls he raped left due to being too scared! It is not the first time something like that happens...

I swear, all I just wrote is true. This is actually happening in my college. 

Yes, there are several students trying to do something about, to get some justice done, but just the fact that THIS ever happened... That someone would actually write to teach rapists and the people are not getting punished... It turns my stomach...

Top of all? In my country, citizens are not allowed to carry defense weapons (pepper spray, for example).

Just what the hell is going on in this world???

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