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I was searching for new animes to watch and read about "Diabolik Lovers". So, okay, nice opening, the designs were amazing, I LOVED the songs and it seemed to have a gothic/macabre feeling, which I loved (Well, DUH!)...

Then I went to read about the characters and the game it was based on, then tried to watch the anime and...


Really, there are people who like those guys? No, don't get me wrong, I found them handsome, interesting personalities and histories (andveryseductive), but there are people that see them as good love interests for Yui???

Okay, some of you may be saying "Hey, aren't you the one that loves antagonist/protagonist couples, even if the guy is pure evil?" Yes, I admit. But this was different. WAY different because those guys ARE meant to be with Yui (like the Gods in Kamigami no Asobi, which I fucking love)...

Here, all I saw was a bunch of possessive, insane abusers and a poor girl, unable to escape, giving in to them. She tries to be nice to them and that's cool, tries to help them, but they don't change at all. And THAT'S my point...

It's not a bunch of messed up guys that have no idea of how to love, it's plain abuse, no more, no less. For me, they saw her an object they desired, like a pretty doll (not to mention her blood, of course) and this isn't love at all. It's all desire and lust.

Not only that, but I'll say the most basic thing about love... When you love someone, you don't hurt them. Even if they "don't know how to love" (as someone said in a comment in the site of the anime), they would notice that they don't like to see her in pain and would stop.

They don't.

There is nothing about love here, this is all about abusive relationships and how much damage they can do.

And I saw people commenting "oh, I wish Subaru was real", "I wouldn't mind giving blood to Ayato"... Really? If I ever met someone like Reiji or Shu, or any of them, I would run the fuck away as fast as I could!!! Is it because they are handsome? Because of how seductive they can be? So, this excuses all the shit they do to Yui?

Is there something I missed???

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