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On this cold mountain I stand, under the sky of this night
Drowning in this silence I just feel so alone
As I stare at the moon shining so bright
I hear the echo of your words from long ago

“If you have a wish, buried deep inside your heart
Just come and look at my stars.
Then whisper your wish, they will hear even from far away.
And they will make it be real one day”

Shine bright, little stars, the only ones who saw her sorrows
And how useless are those tears of mine.
So, please, hear my wish, my only plea
You know you will find me here again tomorrow.

You were there in happiness as well in sadness.
Always keeping me safe from my fears
But I didn’t do the same, left you to loneliness
And how my sun blinded me to your tears.

How couldn’t I have seen the wounds in your heart?
Those stars are all that’s left of you.
Under your moon I cry for what I had to do
How to go on when everything I loved fell apart?

Shine bright, Luna’s stars, who saw it all until the end
And know how many nights we still have to wait.
Why when we open our eyes, it’s always too late
To make any form of amends?

Shine bright, my sister’s stars, you who know all of my regrets
Everything feels so wrong, everything feels so broken.
To others I have to smile, pretending everything is alright
While the only one who knows the truth it’s your night

Shine bright, kind stars, little tears long shed.
And hear the wish I whisper with all my faith.

“When you come back, if you can forgive me that day,
I’d like nothing more than be your friend again”.
Celestia's Song of Regret
You guys know those ideas that just refuse to leave your brain until you get them on paper?
That's how this lame poem came to be...

I just love Vocaloid, I like the videos, the songs... And there was a time, when I was listening to Message of Regret, I suddenly thought about Luna and Celestia, the image of the later singing it and...

And then, after days, I gave in and decided to write Celestia's version of the song, even if it is an "adaptation" I think I can consider this the very first poem/lyrics I ever wrote... And man, do I need to improve my non-existing skills in poems.

:bulletblack: While I wrote it, I decided to cut the image of a paper inside a bottle to sending a wish to the stars... It made more sense to me.

:bulletblack: Wrote it following more the melody of the Ballad version than the "normal" one.

Well, hope it isn't as lame as I think it is!!! Thank you guys and as always, FEEDBACK IS REALLY WELCOME!!! :happybounce: 
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I was having a talk with Rinjapine, who found her art stolen and reposted in some blogs when we came up with an idea...

Art thieving is nothing new and it happens A LOT. When it happens on DA is bad enough, but when it happens in other sites is even worse because sometimes, reporting them does just nothing.

So I made a suggestion on the forum that I think may help and protect us from such things to happen.

Please guys, take a look and if you like my idea, if you agree that we DESERVE some protection (I mean real protection and not just "reporting" thing), vote so the idea may have chances of being heard...

I'm not sure it's a great idea, but I think it may at least help. So please, take a look. Let's fight for our rights and against the art thieves.…

EDIT: Please, vote on Rinja's suggestion too! It's a great idea that would help a lot too!!!…

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